Patriot’s Day in Lexington: “Stand Your Ground”

Yesterday was Patriot’s Day. If you’re a New Englander, you equate that primarily with a week’s vacation from school and the Boston Marathon. If you’re a Newtonite, you equate that with being unable to get across town. But if you’re a hard-core history buff like myself–you know the type: we have tricorn hat pewter earrings–then you know it to be the anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War, which all went down in the Massachusetts towns of Lexington and Concord.

Concord’s parade is in the morning (the re-enactments of the battles are even earlier in the morning, getting up for which I am loathe to do until my son is of an age to appreciate the nuances of Living History performance); we’ve been to that one several times. This year we opted for the afternoon Lexington Parade. The heat was heavy (an unusual 95 degrees), the breeze was serene, and the parade began about an hour late. But it was worth the wait. And my car didn’t get towed. Thanks, Stop’n’Shop parking lot!

The parade began with Paul Revere’s ride to warn that the Regulars were coming.


There was a dearth of tossed candies but a relative wealth of bagpipers (given that I can’t seem to find even a tenuous connection of the day to anything even remotely Scottish).


And of course, you could get tricorn hats with a little bling, plus traditional street fare for hungry tummies:


Also on hand were plenty of re-enactors and marching bands galore, fifing away to the songs of yore such as “Yankee Doodle” and the Marines song.



All in all, a fine way to spend an important day.


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